Harley Elite Group | Hair Loss Treatments

Starting from £3500

Our team Harley Elite Group is made of highly trained professionals, who gained their experience with some of the well known names in the industry. We have over 20 years experience in the field of hair transplant. Our unique approach towards our patients is what makes us stand out. We make individual plans that would fit your needs and help achieve natural results.

Hair Transplant in Greece

Visit Greece and get a Hair Transplant
£ 3500 per person
  • Free Consultation
  • Transport to Accomodation
  • Accomodation 3 Nights
  • Hair Transplant Treatment
  • Post Treatment Care
Winter Discount

Hair Transplant in London Clinic

Harley Elite Clinic London
£ 4990 per person
  • Consultation in Harley Street
  • Preparation for Hair Transplpant
  • Operation - Hair Transplant
  • Post Treatment Care
  • Discounts for Hair Growing Mesotherapy Sessions
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